Priscila Sato (PI) , PhD: Priscila obtained her PhD in Mario Delmar’s lab elucidating how mutations in plakophilin-2 (PKP2) were linked to sudden cardiac arrhythmias. Her work was the first to show that PKP2 alter Nav1.5 channel properties which partially explained the arrhythmogenic  potential for patients with ARVC. As a post-doctorate fellow in Wally Koch’s lab, Priscila identified and investigated the non-canonical role of G-protein coupled receptor kinase 2 (GRK2) in the mitochondria and its link to alterations in cardiac metabolism particularly post-ischemia. Our team’ is involved in various areas of cardiac biology which ‘s current research interests encompass defining the role of GRK2 in the mitochondria and its link to metabolic syndrome-related cardiac dysfunction. Our nexus lies at the interface between metabolism, electrophysiology, and contractility in the development of cardiac pathologies.

Chun-Sun Jiang (Scientist I), MD/PhD: Chun-sun obtained his MD from Tongji Medical College and his PhD in Cell Biology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His expertise ranges from molecular biology, biochemical techniques, AAV, FISH staining, to mouse model development and surgery. Dr. Jiang is also experienced in xenograft models, cell survival, and miRNA studies.

Joo-Yeun Oh (Scientist I), PhD: Joo-Yeun obtained her PhD from the Center for Free Radical Biology at UAB and is an expert in mitochondrial biology. Her post doctoral fellowship was focused on antioxidant effects of hydrogen sulfide which she completed in the Department of Cardiology at King’s College in London, UK. She brings years of research in the mitochondrial field and cell survival signaling to the team.

Lilly Underwood (Researcher II), BS: Lilly obtained a Bachelors degree at UAB and performed research using animal models of pulmonary disease. She has joined the lab with expertise in molecular biology, ELISA, and mouse handling/experimentation. Lilly is interested in research and provides invaluable support to the team.

Rohail Bhatti (Prospective PhD Student), MS: Rohail obtained a Full Bright Scholars Scholarship to obtain a Master’s degree in the Sato lab where he optimized protocols for nuclei sequencing from human hearts. He is an incoming PhD student in the Sato lab in UAB’s GBS program PPP track.